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Palindromic Rheumatism


Things That Can Help With PR Or Make PR Worse.


Weather Can/does have an affect on some people, either Hot or Cold and sometimes even the air pressure. I haven't noticed changes in my flare ups with regard to weather, I think it's down to a persons discomfort levels whether they like the heat or the cold any extremes outside this can make their pain tolerance levels change. However people with certain types of arthritis and rheumatism prefer the warmer weather and nearer to the coast this can also be due to the air pressure.

Women And Hormone Changes The time of the month or pregnancy can have a huge effect on PR. It can either become worse around the time of the month or even go into a kind of remission whilst pregnant, whilst others have started having PR symptoms after child birth. I have found sometimes when I have an illness that isn't related to PR the PR is reduced or even goes into a kind of remission whilst ill. However there are some illnesses of mine that have increased the Flare Ups.

Food, Drinks And Supplements People have mentioned certain food groups that bring on a flare up like tomatoes, potatoes, caffeine, chocolate and alcohol. They have reduced these groups from their diet and it has helped reduced their PR. In my opinion, who has tried every diet and stopped almost everything out of my diet, nothing has worked for me. Maybe they went into a kind of remission and it was just a coincident maybe they had a food intolerance which made their PR worse. If you think there is something that makes your PR worse you would stop using it. PR is different for everyone just like food allergies and food intolerances. 

Medication I haven't found any medication yet that helps me but I keep trying. Other people have found that their prescribed drugs, vitamins or alternative medicines have helped them or put them in a kind of remission. With PR you will and have to try everything to help with the pain. (I don't want to sound negative on this site because I am not a negative person, I wouldn't have been able to get through what I have gone through so far, if I was.) However there are a lot of people out there just waiting to take your money with a miracle cure or the answers to your problems when the answer lies in you. PR like life is different to everyone you  have to find your own answers and your own peace in yourself to get through. What works for one won't work for everyone but may work for or help you.

Exercise, Massage And Acupuncture Exercise if somebody said to me when I was in extreme pain why don't you do some exercise I would pay somebody to shoot them (joke), however when you can do some light exercise like stretching/moving your joints I think that it helps with the stiffness and can also strengthen the muscles which will help your body cope more with the pain/stress caused by PR.  Find an exercise and level that you can cope with and enjoy and don't push yourself just do a few minutes a day if that's all you can do.  Watch your weight if you are less active you will need less food to keep you going, eating the same as you did when you where more active will result in you putting on weight. It will then be hard or impossible to loose the weight if you are not able to exercise. People who have arthritis that are over weight suffer due to the weight on the joints. Massage and acupuncture haven't helped me, but do help others. The last thing I want when I have a flare up is someone massaging/touching it. However in between flare ups you may be able to have a treatment that might prevent or help with following flare ups.

Stress Either physical or mental which includes lack of sleep, will have an effect on your PR even if it's just altering your pain tolerance levels you will notice the difference. So try not to do the same thing in the same way for too long. Keep changing position sitting/standing changing the angles of your joints when doing something this will prevent repeated strain on your joints. Don't do one action over and over again if you can help it. Try to get as much rest as you can what ever helps you relax, be it sleeping, sitting etc. Try to reduce as much stress in your life as you can, don't worry about the small things in life, it's those that will make things worse. I know it's easy said than done but when you are tired and suffering with chronic pain, stress can build up or get out of control. Try to meditate or spend time listening to some of your favourite music.

Be Happy and Positive I know not easy when you are in pain and depressed, tell me about it. However if you find something that makes you happy whatever it is and you are positive when you are in pain it will help you get through it and that's the only thing that will, think of the moment when the pain eases off and you can start to do things again. It has been shown people who are positive and self manage their chronic painful disease will have a better prognosis. I listen to music a lot and it makes me feel better even if I am in pain, give it a try next time you are feeling down, play some of your favourite songs/music.





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