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This was taken from a site I came across whilst looking for information on PR. I thought I should included it for those that have Rheumatism and not PR, it's worth a read anyway.




Though muscular aches and pains in cold or damp weather are real enough to many elderly people, 'rheumatism' has no precise medical meaning. Vague muscular pains may be early warnings of Rheumatoid arthritis, which only later affects the joints, or they may be the result of a virus infection such as Influenza, a food allergy, or Candidiasis, all of which can cause mild inflammation in muscle tissue. Muscular pains in the limbs are not part of the symptomology of Osteoarthritis, which affects joints only.

While conventional medicine prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers, homeopathic treatment is constitutional, although the remedies given in Self Help section should be tried first.

Specific remedies to be taken 4 times daily for up to 14 days


  • Aches and pains worse in cold dry weather, aggravated by movement, relieved by pressure Bryonia 6c



  • Pains flit from one part of body to another, warm rooms make pains worse, feeling weepy, digestion upset by fatty foods Pulsatilla 6c



  • Pains mainly in jaw and neck, with muscle spasms, pains tend to wear off in warm or wet weather Causticum 6c



  • Aching and stiffness, especially in cold damp weather, in morning, or after rest, stiffness tends to wear off once person starts to move around, causing restlessness Rhus tox. 6c



  • Pain and stiffness worse at night and during winter Colchicum 6c



  • Pain and stiffness worse in cold damp weather, especially after becoming overheated Dulcamara 6c



  • Aches and pains worse at night, with offensive sweats, discomfort made worse by both heat and cold Mercurius 6c



  • Pain affects joints, especially larger joints, and tendinous insertions of muscles rather than muscles themselves Ruta 6c



  • Aches and pains in muscles and ligaments, discomfort more insistent in sultry, thundery weather, and in cold weather Rhododendron 6c



  • Sharp pains in wrists and hands Calcarea hypophos. 6c



  • Sharp pains which onset suddenly, especially in cold dry weather, general feeling of anxiety and restlessness Aconite 6c


Self-help Follow the alkalinizing diet for 1 month. If aches and pains subside, continue to eat a moderate amount of alkalinizing foods. Also, take extra Vitamin B6, magnesium, and calcium.