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Photos show examples of PR with inflammation in the joints and surrounding tissue.


You do not always get noticeable Inflammation with a PR flare up. However I have tried to include as many different examples of when I do get PR Inflammation. Most of these pictures where taken in the beginning of a flare up, when I was up to taking or posing for the pictures. In the beginning I would have less flare ups in a month but much more inflammation i.e. whole arm or leg etc. However as I have many more flare ups every day/week the inflammation appears in more joints, several joints at once with less inflammation but not less pain. I have found it hard to take a picture that reflects the true image of the inflammation, the picture/camera seems to reduce the redness and unless there is a comparison you can't see the extent of swelling. However I have never found any other example pictures of PR on the Web. This is to give an example of mine. For every one picture below there are hundreds more.... I'm still looking through.

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Left Ankle Left Arm Right Hand Right Elbow
Both Feet Right Foot Right Foot Right Wrist/Hand
Left Knee Left Wrist/Hand Right Hand/Fingers Right Wrist/Hand
Right Wrist Right Foot Right Hand/Thumb Left Knee
Right Foot/Toe Left Wrist/Arm Right Wrist Left Knee
Left Foot Left Hand/Thumb To Add More to Come



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