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Mike's Story

"I was advised today that I have symptoms of PR. I have been struggling with this problem since Jan 3, 2005, it
Began during a trip to the hospital with double pneumonia for intravenous antibiotics.
The intravenous antibiotic (zosyn with piperacillin) leaked outside of my vein and under my skin causing a golf ball
Sized medicine blister, this was allowed to disperse under my skin and saturated the tissues underneath.
Three days later I went into something similar to the uncontrollable movements as depicted in the movie Exorcist.
Your pictures look all so familiar.

I read the volunteers bios and see hospital visits prevailed in the onset of PR. Example pregnacies!!!!
I was curious if anyone else had IV infiltration prior to the beginning of their living nightmare.
I couldnt work 7 months after my trip to the hospital so I had plenty of time to research, I am totally amazed
The number of Rheumatologists and web research I have not came across this website. I was prescribed a low dose of prednisone and plaqueril (used to offset the side effects of the prednisone) I also take 375mg of Naproxen as a daily deterrent.

I am attaching a few pictures I have taken in the last 2 years. Just a few pics, I have plenty its sad to say.  I will try to get in your forum I have some questions for people suffering as I.

May God bless you for starting this website, this gives me hope I havent had in a long time.

Thanks Mike".


Below are some examples of Mike's Inflamed Joints as well as a home remedy for his pain and Inflammation.






If you have any PR photos you want to share with us send them to iprs@f2s.com