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Karin From Scotland

Although Karin was diagnosed with PR initially she now also has RA.

"Hi, Bonny's ankles and hands are just like mine.  Although I don't have Fybro. My knuckles appear to be sinking into oblivion, you can only see them now if I make a fist."

Here are some more Photos from Karin, also a name and explanation of what it happening to her joints/bones etc.

yup that's what they call it. Two of my knuckles on both hands have gone missing....if I poke the palm of my hand underneath they pop back into view. Ewwwwww, I know Its a dislocation of the joint, all my joints are quite unstable in varying degrees, hands the worst. Fingers pop away and are a law unto themselves.

I also have this nodules, but its hard and lumpy that formed 6 months ago, prior to that it was squishy and would go away

I always have a balloon ankle on my right now.....you poke it and its squidges, varies in size and somewhere underneath is my ankle bone. I find the size of this balloon related to the pain in my achillies<sp?> weird huh?

SUBLUXATION - definition, Bones and tendons get damaged and muscles become weaker causing the joint to become unstable. This means that the joints slip out of shape and deformities develop. In the hands this starts to happen early in the disease. ( the wrist or knuckles slip downwards - this is when the joints partially dislocate) ( source : ARC RA information booklet page 5)

Right Hand/Knuckles

Left Arm

Right Foot/Ankle.



If you have any PR photos you want to share with us send them to iprs@palindromic.org