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DLA (Disability Living Allowance) UK Guides


As Karin is currently overwhelmed with the amount of UK IPRS Forum Members/Non members asking for help with (DLA) Disability Living Allowance enquiries and requests of help with filling out forms. We have included a list of guides that should help you first.

 Below is a list of sourced guides on DLA (UK) (from various internet sites) The Guides should help you to determine whether you are eligible and help you filling out forms when applying for DLA. Although some of the forms mention RA or other conditions the same principle applies to PR etc. For further information and help please visit the DirectGov site or contact your local Job Centre/Benefits Department.

Working with Arthritis.pdf

Disability Living Allowance

Help for completing Attendance and Dsability Allowance forms.pdf

A Guide For Adults with Ulcerative Colitis and Crohns Disease.pdf


The Best Possible Disability Living Allowance.pdf

Please read through all guides first, for the answers you are looking for. Before you contact Karin. This will allow Karin the time to help you and others with urgent or very important issues.


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