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Live Chat to Prof David Isenberg of the Arthritis Research Campaign
Thursday 18 March 2004, 3.30-4.30pm
Barbara Myers
The Check Up live web chat about Arthritis has now finished but you can read the full transcript below.

We will have to stop there because we're out of time. Our thanks to Professor Isenberg of University College London and Jane Tadman of the Arthritis Research Campaign. We have been made aware from all your questions and comments of just how widespread arthritis is. And how difficult to find your way among the many treatments - conventional and otherwise - that are out there. Fortunately some of the newest, more sophisticated drugs for rheumatoid arthritis do sound very promising. Always remember it's worth going back to your doctor to see what else may be available for you to try. Good luck.

From Lynn Smyth:
I'm a 24 year old nurse who has been experiencing joint pains from I was 18. I was diagnosed just over 1 year ago with palindromic rheumatoid arthritis! At present I am awaiting a bone scan.

This past month I have been experiencing terrible pain and I have tried mobic, vioxx and just recently voltarol to no effect! Is there any other medication I can take? I admit I'm about 1.5 stones overweight but am so sore I cannot face exercise other than to swim once a week!

Your help is much appreciated

Jane Tadman (Arthritis Research campaign):
Palindromic arthritis is a type of arthritis that comes and goes and is treated in the same way as other types of arthritis. Therefore, you should be on a disease modifying drug, such as methatrexate as well as the others you mention which are effectively only painkillers. I would seek the advice of a rheumatologist. Excess weight puts undue strain on the joints, so you would be well advised to lose it by preferable non-weight bearing exercise such as your swimming, or try cycling. A phsyiotherapist may be able to suggest a suitable exercise regime.